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What is outsourced full marketing?

An outsourced full marketing agency is a single point of contact for all of your online and offline marketing needs.

Aside from our internal talent, Business Ninja looks to other resources when necessary, in an attempt to save costs and ensure efficiency.

How do we schedule an introductory meeting?

Feel free to email, call, or send us a message through our website. We will schedule a complimentary introduction meeting, which allows both parties to determine if a business relationship is deemed fit.

How is Business Ninja less expensive than in-house marketing?

Hiring an in-house marketing manager can cost anywhere from $45,000 – $90,000 annually. Along with that yearly salary comes benefits, training fees, operating expanses, and much more- potentially escalating to over $100,000 a year.

Be mindful that for an in-house marketing manager to be successful, he/she will need the resources of a digital marketer, content creator, copywriter, ad specialists, graphic designer, webmaster, printer, etc.

With Business Ninja, you will save both time and money as we handle the strategy, management, and execution of the project. This approach is both cost effective and ensures the highest level of quality.

What project or company sizes do you work with?

We mainly service small to medium sized companies. However, Business Ninja can accommodate and work with any company.

Are you able to assist with sales too?

Yes. We understand that sales and marketing are interrelated. We can assist with sales training, tracking, system automation and lead nurturing.

How often will we meet?

We communicate with most of our clients weekly via email, phone, or Skype. In addition, we like to schedule regular monthly meetings to assess progress and measure results. We customize these meetings based on each client’s personal needs and establish the frequency of communication at the beginning of each month.

Can you work in our office?

We are not able to work in actual offices, however with technology these days you will feel like we are right there without being there. We service clients all over the globe using our cloud based systems & platforms.

Who manages the marketing implementation?

In most cases, the onus of implementation is on us, allowing the client to direct his/her time and energy to the business needs. However, this is dependent on what the client needs from Business Ninja.

Can you execute an A la Carte project or plan?

Yes. Often, we begin with a small-scale project or plan and as funds allow, we return to work on a more consistent basis.

How much should I allocate to my marketing budget?

This can be a difficult question to answer. It truly depends on how much marketing is required for your specific business and what your business development goals are. We are happy to assist you in setting realistic business goals and then working towards achieving them.

How much should we budget for your fees?

If you are looking for Business Ninja to replace a full-time marketing director, you will be pleased with your savings. If you are looking for a marketing assistant, we are able to accommodate our workload for this pricing structure as well. Prices are based on the level of professional expertise and time needed. We will work to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the fee structure.

I don’t have a marketing budget – can you help me establish a benchmark?

Absolutely. We are experienced and qualified to develop both your marketing budget and strategic plan.

What is the agreement or contract?

With new clients, we begin with a fixed fee per project.  Afterwards, we usually agree on an annual or monthly retainer, allowing us to offer our clients realistic rates and exceptional service. We do not have any contracts, our services are month to month, cancel, pause anytime.

How does Business Ninja differ from an advertising agency?

Typically, an advertising agency will be more expensive with a focus on mass media, collateral, and other related marketing materials. There will be a lack of focus on overall sales success or return on investment.

Will you work with our staff?

Absolutely. If you have staff that is willing to be trained and has the time to work with us, we are willing to accommodate the workload.

Social Media Marketing & Social Advertising is a hot button- can you do this for us?

Social Media Marketing is a wonderful aspect of any marketing mix however doesn’t always drive the results that our clients are hoping to achieve. We incorporate social media into any integrated marketing plan- using it to drive traffic or compliment other aspects of the plan. Check out our Social Media Services for more information.

Where is your office located?

We are have various locations in Canada & the USA however, serve many clients across the Globe. We make use of online tools for communication purposes and coordinate site visits when necessary. Location is not a barrier for us as almost everything can be accomplished through conference calls, emails, and other forms of communication.

Do you have references?

Yes. We can provide a list of references upon your request. Some clients however prefer privacy. You can also find testimonials and reviews on our website, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile.




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