What is outsourced marketing?

  • An outsourced marketing company such as Business Ninja acts as a single point of contact for all your online and offline marketing management needs. Along with our in-house talent, we pull together other proven resources as needed holding down costs to save you money.

How do we get an introductory meeting?

  • Feel free to emailphone or send a message to us through our website. We will set up a time for a complementary introduction meeting, allowing us both to determine if this is a good business relationship fit.

How is Business Ninja less expensive?

  • Hiring an in-house marketing manager can cost anywhere from $45,000-$90,000 annually. That is just salary and does not include benefits, training, operating expenses and more. All included, the expense can escalate to over $100,000 per year.
  • Keep in mind, an in-house marketing manager will need the resources of a graphic designer, webmaster, printer, etc. With Business Ninja you save the overhead: we handle all the strategy, management and execution, and pass on our lower resource cost to you. This approach is more cost effective and ensures world class quality.

What size project or company do you work with?

  • We service small to medium B2Bs, along with brands and agency firms of all sizes; we also accommodate project-based clients.

Can you help us with sales too?

  • Yes. We know sales and marketing are interrelated. We can assist with sales training, tracking and lead nurturing.

How often do we meet?

  • With most of our clients we communicate weekly by email, phone or Skype for out of town clients.  In addition, we like to have regular monthly meetings to assess progress and measure results. We customize based on each client and establish the frequency of communication at the beginning of each month.

Can you work in our office?

  • We would be glad to schedule office hours if that is your preference.

Who manages the marketing implementation?

  • Most often, we take that burden from you so you can focus on your business, yet it depends on your business and what you need from Business Ninja.

Can you do an a la carte project or plan?

  • Yes, often we start with a smaller project or marketing plan and in the future when funds allow, we return to work on a more consistent basis.

What should I allocate for a marketing budget?

  • This can be a tricky question; it truly depends on how much marketing you need and how aggressive you want to be in accomplishing business development goals. We will help you set realistic goals and work as aggressively as you wish.

How much should we budget for your fees?

  • If you are looking for Business Ninja to take the place of a full-time marketing director, our fees will save you thousands of dollars. Yet if you are thinking more of a marketing assistant, we can accommodate our workload for this pricing structure as well. Prices are based on the level of professional expertise needed and time allocation. When you contact us for an introductory meeting, we will work with you and ensure you are comfortable with our fee structure.

I don’t have a marketing budget; can you help me establish a benchmark?

  • Absolutely. We have expertise in developing both your marketing budget and strategic plan.

What type of Agreement do you use?

  • As a new consulting client, we start off on a fixed-price fee per project to ensure that there’s a mutual fit.  Afterwards, we usually enter into annual monthly retainer contracts so that we can offer the most reasonable rates and the best possible client service.

How is Business Ninja different than an advertising agency?

  • Typically, an advertising agency will be more expensive with their focus on mass media, collateral and other marketing materials; and they don’t usually become involved in the overall sales success or ROI.

Will you work with our staff?

  • Absolutely. Each client is different yet if you have staff who can be trained or have the time to work on tasks, we will certainly accommodate.

Social Media Marketing is a hot button; do you do this for us?

  • Social Media is a wonderful tool to include in our marketing mix, yet on a standalone basis this doesn’t drive the kind of results that clients are looking to achieve. We utilize social media as part of an overall integrated marketing strategy and plan; using social media to drive traffic or to complement other aspects of a results-driven marketing program can be effective. Check out our Social Media Services.

Where do you work?

  • We are located outside of downtown Toronto, yet we have served many clients across the country. We use online tools for meetings and if needed we coordinate site visits to our client’s markets. Again, for many of our clients, our location is not really a key factor as today so much can be accomplished through conference calls, email and video conferencing.

Do you have references?

  • Yes, we can provide a list of references at your request or take a look at our testimonials page. Some of our clients prefer privacy and have posted their feedback on our website, LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media platforms.

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