New Facebook Pixel

February 21, 2016

Marketing in the twenty-first century is a very difficult business. To be sure, it has never been easy to move products in any market. The challenge to entrepreneurs in the present day is to do so in a medium that is thick with vendors. The competition in an industry is so extraordinarily large and so fiercely competitive that it is a wonder that any small company is able to make enough revenue and profit to succeed.

Nevertheless, many continue to do so. For the crowded space of competitors within most industries exist because of the large and varied consumer markets that have brought them about. In other words, the best way to sell your products is to find a niche market within a larger one.

Fortunately, social media is able to help entrepreneurs execute their marketing plans in such a way that allows them to reach the kind of people who will actually buy their products. If you market and promote your products on Facebook, then you are no doubt aware of the many tools offered by the site to help you track multiple promotion campaigns.

Facebook has recently announced changes to the way this works. The company has decided that it will eliminate the option that allowed advertisers to create unique tracking pixels for conversion tracking and custom audience tracking. Many vendors use such pixels to align their marketing campaign goals with the actual revenue generated from the ad.

The downside of this arrangement is that every new promotion requires a new pixel, and every new pixel has to be made part of the destination landing page. The inevitable result of juggling so many pixels is an extraordinary amount of Javascript clutter. So much clutter in fact that it becomes very difficult to manage and make sense of it all.

The new Facebook pixel [learn more:] will allow you to simplify the way you manage your social media ad campaign. You will be able to build custom audiences from your website in a way that will allow you to adjust your marketing strategy. You will also be able to optimize ads for conversions and track conversions and link them back to your ads.

Every independent entrepreneur understands the importance of time. It is the one resource that cannot be renewed. It is possible to get so bogged down in trying to administer the marketing campaigns on various sites that you have little time for the formulating the bigger plans and making the more important decisions. The new Facebook super pixel allows you to get better control over your marketing activities by giving you better insight into website traffic and individual conversions.

The old pixel set up will continue to work for now. If you want to go on using it, all you need to do is add events for conversion tracking. However, you should watch closely for Facebook announcements concerning this issue. The company will no doubt provide regular updates as to when and how the new process will be implemented.

For those who rely on Facebook to sell products and services, this is certainly welcome news. It will save a tremendous amount of energy and effort. One of the great things about doing business in the present world is that you can run operations, finance, and marketing all on your own. The not so good thing is that managing the latter in particular can drain a considerable amount of time out of your day. Trying to get as much as you can from social media may push you towards an involvement that becomes so deep and intense that it may lead to diminishing returns. Any tool that enables you to re-assert control over the way you spend your time is good.

Of course, mastering the inner workings of a new system is always a challenge. However, Facebook has shown an excellent capacity to produce user-friendly tools that help its users adjust to new upgrades. You are not likely to find much trouble in learning how the new super pixel process works. You should, however, start to re-think your organizational strategy so that you can smooth the introduction of this new process. It will make everything a great deal easier when changes are made later this year.