Instagram – Your businesses best friend for advertising!

November 1, 2016

Instagram For Business – the growing popularity of visual content on social media circles has brought to the fore the hidden benefits of levering business using sites such as Instagram. Instagram continues to attract millions of followers and customers, a fact that makes it a crucial marketing tool. A 2015 study conducted by the Pew Research Centre indicated that Instagram is the fastest growing social site among the adult segment of the US population. The number of users who visit the site every month since its launch in 2010 has already hit 500 million, with about 60% visiting the site daily. For marketers looking for an effective advertising and advertising management tools, Instagram offers several media advertising options, including; video views, website conversions, page post engagement, mobile apps installs and clicks to website.

The types of media content that can be marketed as ads on Instagram include video ads, image ads and carousel ads, which offer an interactive communication platform using sequenced series of images. The main factors drawing people and advertisers to the Facebook owned site include; increased social engagement, access to creative visual content, targeted messaging and opportunities it affords for user education. Targeted messaging means advertisers can make use of resources such as Facebook demographic data to direct content to the targeted audiences. Instagram also allows users to feed or share into other social media efforts like Twitter and Facebook through an inbuilt automated feature. Statistics also indicate that every month some 0.5 million advertisers visit the site to purchase ads.

Across the board, a report published by how that as of April 2016, Facebook and Twitter claimed more than 3 million and 130,000 active monthly advertisers respectively. Instagram opened its ad business to the advertising public in 2015. The decision saw several brands buy ads to take advantage of the sites business profiles and its offerings. In mid 2016, Instagram moved further by unveiling business specific Instagram accounts. Following this latest move, over 1.5 million businesses converted their accounts to business profiles. On the opposite side, Instagram’s direct response as business campaign is yet to attain its full potential. However, there are many recorded instances where users click on the ad links to learn more about the products and services advertised by various companies.

To back this growing trend, about 50% of all Instagram users follow at least one business, thanks to the photo and video app advertising appeal. Photo advertising has a huge edge over video ads, but a conclusive, side-by-side report showing how each of these ad campaigns stark against each other is yet to be released by Instagram. On the overall, the visual format ascribed by Instagram, makes it an ideal platform for advertisers to showcase their brands, products and services. The highest number of advertiser’s spending huge on Instagram advertising come from sectors such as retail, technology, e-commerce, entertainment sectors and a host of other consumer packaged brands. Outside the US, the highest numbers of advertiser’s are from the UK,
Australia, Brazil and Canada.