How Bad Do You Want It? (Success)

September 15, 2012

SUCCESS – We just had to share this with all of you, it was shared with us recently from a Ninja in our network, not sure how we missed this one, but glad we saw this now so we can share it with all of you.

If you are a Ninja or one in the making we hope you will appreciate this video.

For those of you starting your journey’s in becoming successful or anyone else reading this it’s all part of the process, videos like this, reading blogs, books, learning from the top entrepreneurs will definitely help you,  however no one will pick you up and grind with you 24/7 – that’s all you and only you!

Dream Believe Inspire

Disclaimer: We at Business Ninja Inc do not encourage what has been mentioned in this video about not getting sleep, everything else in this video we agree with except that you should balance and no matter what try getting decent sleep, we too believed that sleep was not needed, it does catch up to you, there is a price you must pay, successful or not , health is important or success means nothing take a look at a recent article we came across How Stress And Sleep Loss Are Shortening Your Life by  Melanie Haiken, Contributor for Forbes –

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”

You can download the mp3 version of this speech for your iPods/iPhones here:

Inspirational video featuring Giavanni Ruffin (running back for East Carolina).
Speech by Eric Thomas (AKA The Hip Hop Preacher).