Holiday ideas for businesses

November 20, 2014

Holiday season is now underway—just over 30  days until Christmas is here.

Don’t miss the boat this holiday gifting season = lots of $$$ going to be spent in every industry/space –  get those customers spending with you! Don’t stand on sidelines! Go after them.

How you say?

Market to your customers using various ways: (we can help with the ones we listed below and more)

Holiday ideas for businesses

✓ Online ads Google, Facebook, twitter, re-target ads, mobile ads, your local community websites & networks – much less cost than you would think.

✓ Print campaigns & direct mail – see here:

✓ Social media/social selling strategy!

✓ Promotions/offers

✓ Send out thank-you/greeting cards with an offer

✓ Offer gift cards (increase revenue & cash flow now, provide the service later)

✓ Lead gen/landing page offers

✓ Treat your existing customers like gold! It is easier to market to existing customer base than to market to new customers. Trust is has always been the key to marketing. If your existing customers trust you, you have done 75% of your marketing, find a way to keep getting referrals from your existing base.

✓ Hand out motivational business’s cards (We can print 1000 QTY for $24.95 fast, no artwork? No problem we can handle this to)  – on other side of the business card put your holiday offer on it- hand out to everyone you meet next couple of weeks, see your sales increase.

✓ Send out an email asking your existing clients for referrals, if they liked your service/products in the past they will not mind referring others. If they do refer a tip is to do something for their loyalty, something, anything goes along way. Can be a hand written letter (not email) with a nice personal message. This way it makes the person who refereed you new business feel good and keeps you top of their mind for future referrals from them – Win -Win!

✓ Simple D.I.Y. (do it yourself) videos – 30 seconds to 1 min (use Capture App on iphone,a  great video app) and highlight the top 3 products or services they can buy from you this season – make it fun and holiday theme, be creative – get your team or pet(s) involved and send to all your contacts, post on social media and email your contacts – ask them to share.

✓ Meet people, network, pitch everyone 🙂 rinse, repeat!

✓ Think outside your normal COI’s (Centre Of influences) – nobody thinks the Tailor that provides $500 to $3,000 in suits is a good COI – wrong thinking, they have best relationships with their clients! Leverage their networks,  we’ve got more referrals from our Tailor COI than anyone as of yet. Treat your Tailor like king, they will take care of you.

✓ Do a pre-holiday event or appreciation sale at exclusive pricing for your existing customers, friends & family – can be done at location or online event!

✓ Engage on social media – just don’t post! It’s like going to a real networking event – handing out your info /cards with out ever talking to a human! Engage, ask questions or simply say hello to someone in your network to open a conversation and learn if any synergies are in play.

✓ Provide best customer experience you can and ask them for a testimonial on google plus, Facebook or via email  and best to post it all on your website.

✓ Smile, enjoy this time of year, take daily walks – suck in the fresh winter air & sometimes in life & business that’s all you need up Do!

Just a few ideas we wanted to share with you, use one of them or all of them, depends how busy you want to be really.

As they say out of mind – out of sight! 🙂 In business you want to always be in sight for both your existing customers and new customers.

That said here’s our marketing  to you, current print offers for you to look at:

Other Holiday tips: Click here

We wouldn’t be Business Ninjas if we didn’t ask for your business or kept pitching you on our services now would we?

🙂 80/20 rule:
Share, give value, offer tips 80% of the time. The other 20% plug yourself – you should – that’s how we stay in business by doing and getting more business!!

Remember there is a reason why Marketing is part of a business plan! If you fail to plan you plan to fail!

Plan your marketing  ahead of time, it is never too late to start  planning. If you looking for help for your 2015 marketing campaigns – call us anytime on our Ninja Line (1-888-97-NINJA) to chat about how we can help you grow one strategy, one service at a time & we can guide you even if you decide to do it yourself –  we are game as it’s all about #NinjaLove

Happy Holiday Season from the Business Ninja Inc Team. #CrushIt

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