A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer

July 1, 2016

Digital Marketer – if one were to ask how it is to be a digital marketer, the quickest answer would be: it’s a daily emotional trial. At one moment, you could be elated that your strategies are working, and the next, you could be baffled that you’re suddenly not communicating well with your target market.

The thing is, so many of those who want to become digital marketers don’t stick around to actually immerse in the full experience of being a digital marketer. In other words, to see any fulfillment in this field, one has to persevere even if it hurts, and at certain points it will hurt a lot. Once you’re used to it, though, you will see negative moments turn into essential learning points, to further understand the behaviour of your target market.

Essentially, when you market any product digitally, you must look into how you package your message so your products will sell. You look into:

The content and how it fits certain platforms.

The message and how your audience reacts to it.

 The many forms your message takes, and how these forms react.

 Other details of your message which could be affecting your turnout rate.

 The call-to-action: that tricky thing in the end which tests your audience’s tolerance for hardcore, quite possibly hard sell enticements.

If you were ever a player in the dating field, this would look like a nasty game of seduction, but with cold hearted statistics. If you were a scientist, imagine trying to recreate formulas from scratch and testing them over and over until you get your desired form.

To be quite honest, digital marketing, like any form of marketing, is a holistic practice of essentially trying to get a specific audience to take your hook and follow through. It is about observing and understanding people’s behavior to messages, and being systematic enough to redesign these messages to test them out again and see how they perform in another platform, with the same context but with another tone.

Your ability to detect slight changes in tone, even in written form, can save you from so many mistakes in digital marketing. Once you remember how a certain tone made a certain set of audience behave, you can apply this stock knowledge to other marketing campaigns.

Keep a notebook

 Each day as a digital marketer could be a gold mine. Keep a notebook to keep track of your observations and progress. Learn how to use analytics so you know you are not wasting your efforts on any strategy. When you are running out of ideas, check other strategies you might not have believed in at first, but do so with caution. You do not want to break your audience. If you are a persevering but also a smart digital marketer, you would learn when and where to test a message without permanently losing real customers. However, you must remember that no digital marketer ever really made it without taking real (but intelligent) risks. There are strategies you must test out even if they might create a dent, and even if you have never done them before simply because they just might work.

Just keep swimming

 When things get tough, don’t give up. This is not just some empty inspirational tagline to encourage you, a tired digital marketer, to stay in the field. Those who have stayed here long enough would know that when things get tough, it can only mean two things. One would be that you might not have been really listening to how your message affects audiences, and if you would redo things again with a different perspective, good things might actually start to happen. The second one is more optimistic: good things are ahead. This is just based on a hack theory of probability, that if you have been doing things right and paying close attention to your results, you will find the sweet spot sooner or later.

Just keep trying because you never know how close you are to finally getting the hang of it. Read about other people that have done it too whenever you’re running out of steam. It doesn’t hurt to stick around just until you’ve gotten over your second wind. Success could just be right around the bend.