Celebrity Social Media Tips

May 19, 2017

Social media is a great tool that celebrities can use to gain exposure and interact with fans in a manner not previously available. However, there are ways to use social media to increase visibility for the celebrity as well as making them more accessible to their fans. Here are a few things that celebrities should be aware of when using social media in order to enjoy maximum impact.

Create a Product

Celebrities are a product. In order to market this product, they have to give their audience something that they want. For most, this means a sneak peek into the personal lives of the celebrities themselves. One way to provide this is to record a short video of the celebrity doing something that normal people would do. This allows fans to identify with the celebrity and makes them more human.

Keep it Active

The key to a successful social media presence is activity. Users tune in on a regular basis in order to see what is happening. If nothing has changed, fans will stop looking. If the celebrity does not have the time nor the passion to post regularly, then someone from the celebrity’s camp should be put in charge of this task. That way, the celebrity still has control over what is being posted and posts are being made consistently.

Show Real Life

Celebrities like Taylor Swift often share insight in special ways into their daily life. Nothing gets a fan more excited than exclusive access to the private life of the celebrity. Posting things like backstage pictures at a concert, short videos of a day in the life at home or other non public moments really allows celebrities to connect with their fans and helps them identify with them. Some celebrities choose to turn this element into a new revenue stream while others keep these moments free, depending on the type of content being offered and the status of the celebrity.

Use all Areas

In order to get maximum impact from using social media, it’s important to utilize many different platforms. This allows them the ability to connect with many different types of fans. The good news is that they don’t have to make separate posts on each different platform. Many social media platforms are now interconnected which make it easy to share updates and content between them.

Support a Cause

Celebrity involvement with charities is a win-win for everyone involved. Standing up for a cause that they believe in not only scores points with the general public, it also provides them an outlet to stand up for something they believe in. Because there are so many charities to get involved in, there is virtually no limit to the amount of positive exposure a celebrity can get. And, of course, the cause receives much needed exposure and support when celebrities endorse them.

Rinse and Repeat

This last celebrity social media tip is a game changer. It’s so simple. Just do the above steps each day. As mentioned previously, regular updates keep readers and fans coming back for more. Post several times a day and watch what happens to your popularity. Even YouTube Vloggers can become celebrities if they know these tips, and use them daily to grow their following.