Build Your Email List The Right Way – Business Ninja

November 1, 2016

Build Your Email List The Right Way – Googling the Internet will reveal that there are countless articles on how to create an email list. Unfortunately, an extremely large number of these articles just try to stuff as many words as they can without actually contributing to the actual cause of the email list building. Simply, the objective of the email building list it to gather an audience of very highly targeted individuals who will always remain interested in your offer.

Therefore, some of the traditional methods and most of the modern methods discussed online are irrelevant for building your email list. Instead, the focus of this brief article is to offer an insight into the four most important methods that have proven highly effective for experts. It also assumes that you have already subscribed to an email service provider such as MailChimp, AWeber and GetResponse, which offer professional tools to build your email list.

Once you have a product, it is time to attract visitors. The best method to attract “hardcore” highly targeted customers is to allow them to opt-in by asking for their emails. Perhaps, explain in less than 50 words, how they can benefit from getting additional information about the product by opting in for a newsletter. Typically, experts leave some parts of an important information, which entices the visitor to give their email in anticipation of receiving the complete information. This is the best trick of the trade to get emails of potential customers.

Another enticing strategy is to give away a free offer on the website to entice visitors into giving their emails. Perhaps, you can also partner with marketing services such as AppSumo to sell and grow your email list in a matter of days. Besides, there are numerous online applications, which can also help in offering free giveaways. Perhaps, a free e-book on the subject in exchange for the email is the best freebie for most visitors.

Another potentially rewarding experience is creating an offer to force your email subscribers to share the product with their friends. As such, you can ask your Facebook fans to get a particular number of subscribers for you to win a reward. Numerous research studies have shown that people often go out of their way to ask their friends if a free reward is offered. In fact, asking the fresh list of subscribers to do the same creates a successful domino effect, which can generate hundreds of fresh customers every month.

Perhaps, the most under-utilized asset is the usage of your signature to grow the email list. While almost everyone uses signatures to identify themselves as the writer of the content, you can use the signature to point towards a free reward on your website without making it look like an advertisement. For instance, the signature content can suggest that you are the owner of a specific website, which provides specific information on the subject and offer amazing awards and freebies.

Just remember, growing an email list for the sake of growth is not enough. In order to turn subscribers into customers, they must be attracted to the product that you provide.