5 tips for Optimizing Landing Pages For Online Coaches

March 6, 2016

Online coaching allows you to leverage your insight, experience, and expertise in business and industry. You will be able to share your knowledge with individuals who are either new to entrepreneurship or are trying to get ahead in a more traditional profession. Consulting in a virtual environment brings with it the benefits of flexibility and ease of communication. Coaching online makes it so that the client can engage with you at convenient times and in a place that works for him or her.

Your challenge, however, is to actually get clients to your site. The competition in online coaching has increased significantly. Indeed, more well-qualified and experienced coaches are entering the industry every month. If you are to make your own practice succeed, then you will need to take decisive measures to gain the upper hand over your rivals.

Here are five simple tips to help you optimize your landing page.

1. Keep it simple

People are attracted to words and images that are easy and simple to understand. This is not a comment on the average intelligence of individuals who may view your site. Everyone’s first encounter with something that is unknown can be difficult. You ought to make a point of conveying the benefits of your service and putting forward a call to action. The simpler your message the more likely you are to get interest and commitment.

2. Merge similar functions

Too many features on your page can create clutter. A lot of online coaches want to dazzle prospective clients with cute images and eye-catching pictures. Such gimmicks are likely to backfire. Make your page easy to follow and understand. You want to create content that can be grasped intuitively. The better it flows the more likely you will be able to connect with the people reading it.

3. Offer incentives

You are asking people to take an interest in your marketing page. You should therefore offer them some incentive to do so. Be willing to make a bargain with interested parties. You should give them something of value in return for reading through your content and filling out forms. Indeed, one of the most precious rewards you can give them is their time. If you really want to make an impression on a reader, do all that you can to reduce the barriers to them getting the information they need.

4. Post client reviews

If you have had extensive experience in coaching, then you should show the results of it. Most people know a pushy sales pitch when they see it. These are quite easy to ignore on the Internet. Presenting client reviews allows the people who have benefited from your coaching to speak for you. This will allow prospective clients can see for themselves the many benefits of your coaching.

5. Repeat your call to action

The last thing that a viewer should read on your page is a repeated call to action. After you have given them all the facts regarding your coaching service, you should remind them to actually contact you and set up an appointment.