Go To Webinars
We recommend Go To Webinar because there are many features that make this service the ultimate platform.
It integrates well with most systems and it’s a very reliable webinar platform.


Presentation Format

People have made hundreds of thousands of dollars using this structure. If you follow this exact sequence you will win your customers over.


Step One: 5-10 Minutes – Meet and Greet

-Welcome everyone to the webinar
-Ask them to turn off any distractions
-Engage with everyone by asking them where everyone is from around the world
-Start by making a BIG promise and reframe with that promise.

Step Two: 5-15 Minutes – Your Story and Solution

-Talk about your story, who you are and what you do.
-Give social proof as to why you’re an expert in this field
-Transition your story into your solution
-The solution is the one your product/service solves.

Step Three: 15-60 Minutes – Content

-The content must be super valuable!

The close
-Let them know they have two choices:
1.  The structured path
2.  The unstructured path
-The structured path is a sure way to success
-You let the experts do it for you
-The unstructured path is you do it yourself and go through the trial and error
-Then say: “If you want results fast, this is why we created our product/service”
-After you explain the paths, you introduce the product
-Talk about product/services benefits
-Use case studies/testimonials
-Ask your audience if they have any question and overcome objections
-Give your audience a guarantee (e.g. 60day or 30 day money back)
-Give a price breakdown of what they’ll receive
-Then use what is called a “Stack Close”
-Congratulate and welcome new buyers!

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