10 WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using

January 10, 2016

WordPress is a popular tool if you want to build your presence online. From being a popular platform for blogging, it has now evolved as customer relationship management channel for brands big and small. However, if you want to make most of this open source platform you need to pick excellent WordPress plugins that add features to your website without the need for extra coding.

Here are some of the favorite WordPress plugins of experts that you can try:


If you want to save yourself from headaches due to uncontrollable spam, you need to install a spam filtering plugin such as Akismet. This Akismet will take care of spam and move them to your spam folder. You will be able to see stats and take control of real comments, false positive or real spams.

W3 Total Cache

It is crucial that your website loads fast or potential readers (or clients) will leave before knowing anything about your brand. W3 Total Cache can optimize it for best performance and speed. It provides tools so you can tweak browser caching, page compression, among others.


Online presence is not enough. You need to engage and interact with your audience. Closely monitor comments and control possible online trolls using Disqus. Start a discussion community to make your follower feel that they are important to your business.

WordPress SEO By Yoast

This Yoast SEO plugin will help optimize your site and make your site easier to find online. Using this plugin will allow you to manage homepage descriptions, sitemaps, meta descriptions, page titles, and other elements you need to tweak to be friendlier to the search engines.

Hello Bar

You need to build your list to build your business. Generate leads using this easy-to-notice notification bar and help direct traffic to your target landing page.

Floating Social bar

You cannot survive today if you do not know how to do a good social media push. This starts by displaying your social share buttons that will allow readers to spread the word about your products or services. Floating Social bar is one easy-to-use tool that even beginners can setup and configure.

Display Widgets

If you need multiple sidebars for your website, Display Widgets will be your best friend. With a few clicks, you can turn widgets on and off. With this you can create several sidebars for different categories, pages, and more.

Gravity Forms

Online forms can be very helpful for whatever purpose you need to use them to improve your brand. With Gravity Forms, you can easily add online forms that you can use for surveys, directory, and more.

Google XML Sitemaps For Videos

People love videos. Search engines do, too. This plugin will help you submit XML sitemaps of blogs containing videos and accordingly tweak these maps in case certain videos are no longer available.

Login Lockdown

Login Lockdown as the name implies will protect your site from unauthorized login attempts. It will take note of IP address of alleged perpetrators and if necessary disable login for certain IP range.

image source: wordpress.org