10 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget

July 29, 2013

By Niraj Adhiya

Market Your Small Business on a shoestring budget – here at Business Ninja we are noticing more and more small business calling us everyday to find out more ways to help them market online. As we are a boutique marketing agency, we can only work with small number of clients per year.  This has made us think of ways to help small businesses more and do our part to giveback.

We want to say yes to everyone, frankly we would love to however not everyone has the resources to take our full marketing services and we get it, we too were a start up and needed to find ways to market in the start.

We decided we will do what we can to produce and invest in articles that will help small business owners, as they are the foundation of Canada’s economy, as small businesses grow they also have an impact on the future of countries growth.

Take a read, we hope you get value of what we will be writing about, things that helped us and others along the way, if you have other tips, advice that you feel will help other small businesses, comment below and together we will help everyone grow.

Marketing a small business on a shoestring budget can be a real challenge. If you don’t have the finances to invest significantly, you have to find things that can be done on a low budget. Below, you will find 10 ways that you can market your small business on a shoestring budget and these investments may actually provide traffic to your website and growth for your business. Best of all, these are investments that you can start small with and as they bring profit and show their true potential, you can upscale your marketing campaigns to a more significant amount.

Regularly update your blog

One of the best things that you can do for your website to attract attention online is to regularly update your blog. Fill your blog with high quality content that’s relevant, useful, and informational. Provide the readers of your website with real value and soon enough, these blog posts will start to attract attention online and provide search engine traffic through SEO. If you target the right keyword phrases, you can get results in a much quicker turnaround time as well.

Become an active member on forums

If you can find forums related to the industry or business is in, you could become an active member on these forums and use their community to market your website and drive traffic. You will have to do this in a subtle way as no forum owner wants advertisers within their network, but if you are a dedicated member who advertises your business through a signature or through helpful threads on the forum, you can provide value to their forum while still getting results for your company.

Update your social media profiles

Whenever you post a new blog article on your website, be sure to update your social media profiles with a link back to this article. It’s also a good idea to update your profiles with helpful content that’s useful to your audience. If you can create a following on social media websites, you can use these networks to drive traffic and get results online. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are incredibly powerful.

Optimize your website for search engines

Search engine optimization is sometimes called SEO, it’s the process of optimizing your website for search engines like Google, so that your website pages can get ranked for their respective keyword phrases. You will have to use a keyword research tool to know what keyword phrases you should be targeting and once complete, you add these keywords to the relevant sections of your websites that Google can see what your website is about and respectively provide rankings for you on their search engine.

Here’s a Google Trend tool to start:

Submit your website to directories

Getting links to your website is a good way to build an online presence and improve your search engine ranking simultaneously. It’s heavily related to SEO and small business directories also provide listings for your company on the Internet. These directories are used by buyers to find small businesses that are worth purchasing products and services from. By submitting your website to small business directories, you can get significant results online.

Submit your blog articles to article directories

The blog articles that you have on your website can be submitted to article directories once they have been indexed by Google. You will want to wait several weeks before submitting them to directories as this is the approximate amount of time that it takes Google and other search engines to index the content. Committing the articles to article directories provides additional exposure to them and it may even get them syndicated to niche related websites. This would provide a valuable back links to your website and it would help improve your search engine rankings.

Write a press release about something new within your company

Writing a press release and submitting the content to press release directories and syndication websites is another great way to promote your products and services. The best thing about press releases is that they can be branded with your business name. You can use your company name many times throughout the press release as you want and you can even provide links to some of your product and service pages. It’s a good way to gain online exposure and promote your brand while getting valuable links that can be important to SEO as well.

Test the waters with PPC advertising

Pay per click advertising can be expensive, but you get to specify a budget and start wherever you want. You could start outspending just $50 or $100 per month if this is a budget that you can work with. As you start to get results, you can upscale your monthly investments and delve more deeply into PPC advertising. It’s totally up to you how much money you want to spend. The best part about pay per click advertising is that it’s very profitable and it can provide quick and effective results online.

Provide promotional giveaways

Giveaways and special offers are great opportunities to attract attention to your business and get results online. Everyone loves to receive something for free and although this may be costly, it’s generally less expensive than investing heavily into marketing your business. Try to come up with a product or service that you could provide to your customers as a free trial or promotional giveaway. The goal with this is to bring in new clients that have an interest in what you provide and to sell them on a much more valuable product or service after they like what they see.

Print marketing materials and advertise locally

It’s actually relatively inexpensive to have banners, flyers, or brochures made for your business. You can have printed marketing materials made up so that you can advertise locally. This is a great way to spread the word about your business and inform your audience about your products or services, while expanding your brand and reaching out within the local community. Local leads can be very valuable and they can provide the results that your business needs to take off.

Did you get any value out of this post? Let us know, we want to write and come up with new ways to help small businesses , your feedback will only help us do just this.

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