10 Holiday Marketing Tips

November 15, 2016

10 Holiday Marketing Tips – in the retail world, it’s never too early to start the holidays. By the time shopping season rolls around, market testing has already been completed. So to get you the most of what we have found, here is a list of the 10 best Holiday Marketing Tips for your business!

1. Plan Early

Research tells us that 40% of consumers begin their Holiday shopping by Halloween. So if you are part of the other 60%, you’re late! But have no fear! You can still take advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush!

2. Use Social Media

Platforms like Facebook & Instagram aren’t just for promoting your brand awareness; you can also use them to drive measurable sales for your business. Grab their attention and then close the deal by driving them back to your website by using a call-to-action button!

social media

3. Optimize Your Mobile App

Most retail customers use their mobile device to view your business page so it is imperative that your mobile app works. Don’t believe us? 79% of mobile shoppers said that if the website doesn’t work on their device, they do not return.

4. Use Discounts

Stress the importance of short term and limited time offer deals. Be clear about your discount deals and when they will expire. 57% of shoppers said that if there was no coupon, they would not have made the purchase at all.


5. Plan For Traffic Increase

Make sure your website team is aware that you will be driving more than normal traffic to the website so they can insure that the site can handle it. Studies show that 47% of people expect a site to load in 2 seconds and if it takes longer, most will not return.

6. Use your Videos

If you have a video or commercial, don’t be afraid to post it across your social media platforms. Shoppers who view videos are 2x more likely to purchase than non-viewers.


7. Choose a Fun Subject Line

Having your discount in your email subject doesn’t yield the same effects as it once did. Listing 10% off won’t get them to open up the email as they already know what the offer is.┬áPick a subject line that gets people engaged.

8. Be Creative

Many companies will use the same creative over and over which makes the customer feel like they’ve seen it already. Try and change up your style every couple of months to keep things fresh for their eyes.

9. Use Holiday Specific Images

Don’t be afraid to get into the Holiday spirit. Update your landing page and site navigation. Incorporate some snowflakes and other Holiday imagery to get your customers in the spirit as well.


10. Holiday’s doesn’t mean Christmas

When people think Holiday’s, it’s no longer Christmas specific. There are so many people from various backgrounds that will be celebrating at this time of year. Don’t exclude them by using holiday specific ads. Instead focus on the season and themes like gift giving.